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It's probably an understatement to say that it's not easy to be in the elevator business these days. Do any of the following complaints sound familiar?.

"The increasing complexity of elevator phone systems is now getting to the point where my technicians no longer have the skills to deal with them properly."

"The phones that we are now using are either complicated to program or not very reliable."

"Our guys are just too busy at the end of a project with more important things to do than trying to get the #%@* elevator phones working."

"We aren't telecommunications people. We're lost most of the time if a customer calls us with a problem they are having with their phone system."

If any of the above does sound famililar, we can help. Here are a few ways that Webb Electronics can work with you:

Equipment Only
We've supplied and installed elevator telephones from all the major manufacturers over the years. We saw shortcomings in them all and several years ago decided to create our own product line, one that would be competitive in price but also be extremely reliable, easy to program, and flexible enough to handle all of the various site conditions that you see out there.

As the only Canadian emergency telephone manufacturer, we now have equipment in thousands of buildings. If you are not currently using a Webb product, please give us a call. There are some very good reasons why you might want to consider switching to a better product.

Installation Support
In cities where we have branches, consider having us involved when it comes to installing emergency phone systems. You may find that this begins to make a lot of sense as the installation of rescue stations becomes standard and adds even more complexity to new building and modernization projects. We have both elevator and telecommunications skills so that you can confidently leave all of the installation work up to us. This frees your technicians up and makes sure that the systems are all installed correctly and on time. It also gives us the ongoing responsibility of maintaining the equipment.

When all a customer wants is a telephone upgrade for their cabs, some elevator companies simply call us and have us deal with the customer directly. By doing this, the customer generally gets a system installed much quicker and often at a lower price than the elevator company can charge. As a result, the customer is happy with the elevator company and you don't have to deal with the headaches of putting in such things as building wiring, rescue stations, phone lines, etc. We can take care of it all or we'll just do a portion of the work... whatever works best for you.

Special Services
Did you know that we have special services that can help distinguish you from your competitors in the eyes of your customers? Consider the following:

AutoCheck: Webb telephones are the only emergency phones that will automatically send an email to the building manager if any problem is detected with the system. Since this increases passenger safety and reduces their liability exposure, many owners will welcome this feature and even pay additional money for it.

Line Seizure: One of our most popular accessory products is line seizure equipment. This lets the elevators share an existing telephone line within the building and eliminates the need for the owners to pay the ongoing costs of a dedicated line from the phone company. With line seizure you will be saving your customers hundreds of dollars per year. This usually translates into long-term loyalty.

Your Phone Experts
Whether you are just buying equipment from us or using us for a full range of installation services, you can be assured of quality.

From an equipment standpoint, Webb products have been designed for years of trouble-free operation. They have undergone IC and FCC certification testing more rigorous than any other product. We also check each one for proper operation before it leaves our shop. In fact, we are so confident with them that we will provide you with the longest warranty in the business ... 36 months.

You will also like dealing with us. We are very proud of having earned a reputation over the years for friendly, reliable, and extremely professional service. If you aren't one of our valued customers already, we look forward to you becoming one in the near future.

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