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Customizing the LS-250 Rescue Station


The LS-250 Lobby Rescue Station is also available with a #4 brushed stainless steel faceplate or with both stainless faceplate and back-box for surface mounting if required.


The LS-250 Rescue Station has all the necessary room to incorporate up to two key-switches with LEDs. This feature eliminates the need for a separate remote recall switch and provides for a much neater, cleaner appearance for your lobby or CACF room. It also saves money because the fabrication time and costs for a separate key-switch assembly are no longer required.

Mounting hardware can simply be attached to the back of the LS-250 cover plate and holes cut at the desired locations. Then just add whatever silk-screening, engraving, or labelling you wish for the operating instructions. The LS-250 has 120VAC power for you to tap onto and plenty of knockouts for your wiring.


The highlighted portion of this picture represents the space available for the installation of your key-switch assembly. It is approximately 9" wide by 3.5" high.


In buildings that require multiple switches and lights, the LS-250 can still be incorporated into a single panel. All of our hardware comes pre-installed on a modular "component plate". (See photo to the right). This component plate can be easily fitted onto mounting studs in your back box if you need to fabricate a unit that is larger than a standard LS-250 Rescue Station.

For these situations, you can use our diagram to help you correctly position the mounting holes, LCD viewing area, and handset door. Then expand the width or height by as much as you wish to accommodate all of your recall hardware. Call us for details.

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