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Technology - NEW!! Multi-Media Expansion Board


Imagine the advantages of enabling emergency response personnel with access to both audio and live streaming HD video of elevator cab interiors, within moments of an entrapment call. Now imagine the cost savings realized when utilizing a technology that enables retrofitting of existing cabs with audio and 1080P HD video capabilities despite the absence of spare elevator travel cable or sufficient building wiring.

Webb Electronics (WEBB) is excited to announce the latest development of leading edge technology, through their 'WEBB Smart Communications ' line of products. Webb's latest development provides the ability to offer both audio and video communication using the same single pair of wires by multiplexing Ethernet over the existing telephone line. Whether receiving an emergency call at the remote monitoring station or standing onsite somewhere in the building you now have the ability to see and speak to the passenger in the elevator through a PC or handheld device, provided you have access to broadband internet.

With the WMP-MMM expansion module, the WEBB system offers additional features (access control card reader/ digital signage / VOIP service, etc) without the need for additional cabling.

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