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Technology - LS-250 Rescue Station


The Webb Rescue Station has been designed to meet the on-site communication requirements for emergency elevator telephones and areas of rescue. Using an LS-250 Rescue Station provides immediate two-way communications for rescue personnel in a building and at the same time lets stranded callers automatically connect to an off-site monitoring station. It requires a maximum of one telephone line, something that will save the building a great deal of money over the years.

The LS-250 is AC-powered and comes with long-life rechargeable backup batteries. When connected to Webbphone handsfree units within the building, it offers the most innovative and flexible rescue system available today. It is also fully compliant with the latest Elevator Safety Code updates for Canada and the United States. (See Safety Code - Synopsis for a summary of what the current building requirements are).

Main Features

Permits up to 80 emergency telephones to share a single telephone line.

Rescuers can call up to 80 locations within the building from the Rescue Station.

Flexible setup. Can be set to ring at an on-site security desk, call to an off-site monitoring station via telephone line or ring on-site and then switch to off-site calling if there is no answer from on-site personnel.

Can be flush-mounted in the lobby or surface-mounted in the annunciator or CACF room, machine room, or telephone room.Easy to read LCD display shows rescue personnel who is calling.

Call waiting feature alerts rescue personnel of any calls that are waiting in queue.LED display shows status of AC power, telephone line and battery strength for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

Audible buzzer sounds at Rescue Station when emergency communication system is in use.

Can connect with machine room handsets to permit elevator personnel to call from machine rooms into elevators as required by Elevator Safety Code.

Can connect with other security locations within the building so that all locations ring simultaneously when called. This setup also allows these locations complete calling access to all elevator / area of rescue stations.

Rescue personnel can easily determine which elevator made the last call. This allows trapped passengers to be easily located and helped more quickly.

Does your project require duplicate recall switches? The LS-250 has been designed so that you can easily incorporate these into our faceplate. This reduces installation time and makes for a more attractive design.

No Two Buildings are Identical

There are many possible differences between buildings which can easily result in a completely different setup being optimal for each one. Because of this, you are welcome to contact us whenever you'd like to discuss an unusual building or site situation in more detail. Besides, we like the challenge of coming up with customized solutions for customers. So feel free to use us as a resource whenever something out of the ordinary comes up... things are definitely more complicated now than they used to be.

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