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Technology - Voice Annunciation


As more and more buildings are being designed to better serve those with physical challenges, elevators are increasingly having voice annunciation incorporated into their operation. This would normally mean mounting a separate speaker somewhere within the cab so that those with limited vision are able to hear the floor numbers and other operational information.

As part of our ongoing efforts to simplify cab design, Webb Electronics has developed an industry first... a model of handsfree telephone which can use the phone speaker for both emergency operation and voice annunciation. Simply tie the speaker output from your annunciator equipment into the AUX terminal strips of the OEM-150 and let the WebbPhone take over the speaker operation.

During normal operation of the elevator, the speaker is constantly in use by the annunciation equipment. However, in an emergency, the telephone function takes priority and the annunciation function is disengaged until the emergency call has ended.

In addition to saving valuable space behind the car operating panel, this feature is great for elevator mechanics because it reduces the amount of time needed to install all of the auxiliary devices within the elevator. The annunciation feature is part of our ongoing effort to provide Webb customers with new and innovative communication solutions for their buildings.

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