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Technology - WebbPhone Emergency Telephones


The Webb Emergency Phone is an AC-powered handsfree telephone. The use of AC power provides maximum reliability, the largest amount of features, and the loudest volume available from any handsfree telephone. It has a rechargeable backup battery and connects to a regular telephone line. It can be installed in 3 different configurations: OEM, box style and flush mount and is ADA compliant.

Pushing the HELP button activates the WebbPhone. It will then automatically call a pre-programmed number for assistance. Should the primary number be busy or not answered, the unit can call a second location for assistance. The unit will alternate calls between the primary and secondary monitoring numbers until the call has been answered.

Webb Emergency Phones will never get confused by answering machines or voicemail. They will redial until authorized personnel have acknowledged the call.

When the call is answered, the location announcement feature can announce the location of the caller prior to conversation beginning. For callers with a hearing disability, an LED will also begin flashing to alert them that their call has been received.

Built-in operator functions make the WebbPhone extremely useful in emergency situations. For example, the operator can replay the location message whenever they wish or extend the call for as long as they wish. They will also receive a voice prompt to finish their call if another elevator passenger is trying to call out for assistance, a technological advance not available in any other hands free telephone.

It is also possible to call into WebbPhone units. All units connected to the telephone line being called will ring and then turn on. The caller then selects the individual unit they wish to speak to or program remotely.

Leading-edge technology provides all WebbPhones with the ability to check their own operation. Our exclusive AutoCheck feature will automatically inform the building owner if any of their units are not working normally. This powerful feature provides unparalleled safety and assurance for both passengers and building owners.

All WebbPhones are able to act as the speaker output for the elevator's voice annunciation system. When the phone is activated by a passenger, the two-way conversation will take priority over the elevator's annunciation. This can save you the hassle of trying to mount a remote speaker or adding an extra speaker grill.

Finally, the WebbPhone is flexible. Factory settings can be easily adjusted to match specific site, equipment and customer requirements.

Other Features

Vandal-resistant design makes WebbPhones suitable for all new or existing elevators.

Built-in consolidator so up to 6 units can share the same telephone line.

Adjustable talk time (1 - 99 minutes). Operator can extend call time for as long as required.

Can't be fooled by answering machines or voice mail.

Easiest phone to program ever. Uses built-in keypad and voice prompting. Excellent sound quality.

Compatible with SoundNet monitoring protocol, ringdown equipment and PBX switchboards.

AC powered for maximum reliability and volume. Unique SmartCall allows more than one unit to be calling out.

Password protection for secure remote programming and non-volatile memory for all functions.

Reliable design means the longest warranty in the industry. 36 months from date of purchase.

Priced very competitively.

Common Applications

Elevators Areas of Rescue Parkades Hospitals Senior Citizen Homes
Building Entrances Campus Emergency Stations Mall Security Reservation Desks / Customer Service Locations ATM Machines


Elevator Wiring Requirements: One shielded, twisted-pair communication cable. Phone Line Requirements: Analog loop start voice grade telephone line or PBX. AC/DC Transformer (supplied): 120V AC, 60 Hz input / 9V DC, 500mA output.

Vancouver (British Columbia)

Toronto (Ontario)

Montreal (Quebec)

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